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For technology-related events:

Tom is an internationally recognized author, speaker, system administrator and DevOps advocate. His latest book, the 3rd edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration (, launches November 2016. He is also known for The Practice of Cloud System Administration (, and Time Management for System Administrators (O'Reilly). In 2005 he received the Usenix LISA Outstanding Achievement Award. He works in New York City at Stack Overflow ( Previously he's worked Google, Bell Labs / Lucent, AT&T and others. His blog is and he tweets @YesThatTom.

For activism-related events:

Tom Limoncelli is a organizer, trainer and speaker from New Jersey. He co-created BiZone/NJ (support group in NJ, 1991-2002) and co-created the Tri-State Bi Conference. His speaking and training repertoire includes time management, leveraging the web for your organization, and facilitating support groups. His activism has earned him 3 awards, including the Brenda Howard Award and the NJLGC "Honor" lifetime achievement award. Outside of activism he is a published author (5 books). He is a regular speaker at conferences around the world. Tom lives in New Jersey.

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